What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that inform us how many times a visitor visits our website and what they are interested in. Cookies do not contain any data themselves. You always have the option to accept or decline cookies. Downloading cookies is under the complete control of the browser used by the user.

Cookies are small files that visited websites send to your computer, which are then stored on it. They are stored in your browser’s file directory. The next time you visit the website, the browser reads the cookie and submits the information to the website or other element set by the cookie.


Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies are essential for providing user-friendly online services. Numerous e-commerce functions would be impossible without them. They provide quicker and simpler interaction between the user and the website. With them, the website remembers an individual’s preferences and experiences, which saves time and results in the more efficient and pleasant browsing of the website.


Why do websites use cookies?

Cookies are used on websites to provide fresh and suitable content, which matches the interests and preferences of an individual web user. There are multiple reasons for using cookies: the primary reason is their ability to store data about the status of an individual website (details on adjustments of an individual website); however, they also assist in the performance of various web services (online stores) and help generating different statistics on users’ behaviour – only with them can we monitor the frequencies of visits to a particular website.

Companies can assess the efficiency of their website’s design with the help of cookies, as well as the suitability of the type and quantity of advertisements that they offer to users on their websites.

By using cookies, businesses can evaluate the effectiveness of their website design, as well as the relevance of the type and number of ads they offer to users on their websites.


Disabling Cookies:

You decide if you allow the storing of cookies on your computer or not. Cookie settings can be managed and changed through settings of your browser. Choose the web browser that you use to find information about cookie settings.


Do all cookies work in the same way?

No! There are several types of cookies that are used for different purposes. Cookies vary by function, duration, and client that downloads them.

If you turn cookies off, some of the website’s functionalities may be disabled. Even if you disable cookies, some information is still acquired by your web browser. This information is required for the basic operation of our website.


This site uses the following types of cookies:



Cookie name




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A cookie allows you to store sessions between individual requests within the content management system.




It is used to differentiate between the user and the session.

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